Tissue Pom-Poms

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Tissue Pom-Poms

1-Tissue Paper (ideally 7-9 sheets for each pom-pom)
2-Thin craft wire

How to:

1-tissue paper in your desired colors (ideally 7-9 sheets) or you can use two packs, depending on how full you would like your flowers to be.
2-Stack your paper and fold it accordion style (1 1/2″ wide). The crisper your folds the better the look of your flower so fold it as best as you can.
3-Secure the center of your flower with a thin craft wire.
4-With your scissors, trim the corners either into rounded corners (as I did) or into points (for a star shape).
5-Do the same on the opposite end.
6-Very gently and carefully, separate the layers of tissue paper from one another and begin pulling them apart and shaping them. You can hang them with yarn, ribbon, wire or whatever else you might have on hand.

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