Thrift Shop Table

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     I found this solid wood, drop leaf table at a thrift store. I paid $7.00. I did nothing with it for months and my husband was getting irritated with it in the garage. You see, he does not have a passion for treasure hunting like I do. He does not see the “vision.” He just worries about his wife and her love for another man’s trash.


I am mad at myself for not getting a “before” picture. It was pretty ugly. Something had splattered all over the top and side and it had a giant, fuzzy patch on top. Fuzzy like the remnants of a large sticker that was removed and sat there to collect life for a few years. I still loved the quality of the wood and the charm.

I gave this one a good scrub down with hot soapy water after I sanded off all of the “fuzz” and other weird stuff. I had many different visions for this table. Sea foam green with a white scalloped edge, high gloss black, hot pink or red. I could not commit. Finally, two days before filling our house with party guests, I decided to check my paint shelf and get started.

I found an entire can of the Annie Sloan Chalk paint in “Old Violet.” I wasn’t thrilled to use this color, but was happy to have an entire can of high quality paint to dress up this table. I painted it and then waxed it. When it was dry, I taped off the legs using Frog tape.



photo 1

I then spray painted them metallic gold.

photo 2

I really love how it all turned out.


My husband did not even realize it was the same table and wanted to know how much I spent on it. I told him $7.00.

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