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We moved into our home a couple of years ago. I have painted a few walls, and decorated most of the rooms to my taste. My husbands office on the other hand…..Yikes! We could never come to a compromise on the design idea. We could not even agree on how to arrange the furniture. If he would have just surrendered to my ideas a long time ago, we would not be standing here today in this boring office.


full room office before

Office Before

This is the space he works in, so his comfort was important. However, this is the first room you see when you walk in to our home, so the design was important to me. I have learned throughout this process that our brains work very differently. When I suggested painting the room gray, he immediately thought dark and depressing. I thought classic and fresh. Finally, I asked him how he wanted his office to “feel.” He told me he wanted to feel calm and clean. That I can do! I decided to focus on “calm and clean” and got to work on refreshing the space. On a side note, the fact that his schedule required him to be out of town while I worked on this project certainly did not hurt.

Before the transformation, this space was painted a neutral color (same as most of the house), had an old rug on the floor, a plaid sofa, an old chair, and some nice office furniture. The office furniture is very pretty and nice quality. However, it was arranged poorly and did not have much of a work flow. Also, with the office being such a boring hodgepodge, no one noticed the nice furniture. This space just needed a little TLC.



This was not my choice for furniture arrangement!


My first update was to paint the walls. Changing the color of a room changes everything!  I hired Pro Paint Painters of Roanoke to paint the walls for me. ( I have used them for other projects. They are reliable, professional, offer fair pricing and create a custom finish! I chose Valspar’s Vintage Gray for this project and am super pleased with the outcome. It looks sophisticated, calm and clean.



After a fresh coat of paint.

The next update was the rug. Unfortunately, sometimes when you try to pinch a penny you really lose on quality. This rug was only 5 years old, but did not fair well. Despite a professional cleaning, it still felt- and looked- dirty. A big, dirty, rug, filling up a room makes the whole room feel dirty! We rolled up the rug and donated it.


office rug before

Before Rug. Trust me..this rug photographed better than reality.


We purchased a new rug from Lowe’s Home Improvement Store. We chose a rug that had a traditional print and picked up the colors of the room; the golds and grays.


office rug after

After Rug.


We also updated the artwork. I saw this “Stamp Art” at one of my friend’s house. She has a beautiful home full of unique things. This piece of artwork is really neat to look at and has a cool story. In 1970, Milton Schultz, an avid stamp collector, transformed part of his collection into an map of the United States. His grandson, Kevin Peskin, transformed his collection into a beautiful piece of artwork.


Vintage Stamp Art


It is made with over 300 vintage stamps, many of which debuted as commemorative pieces and were discontinued soon after. I liked the story and loved the art. We had to really hunt for the print because they are no longer making them. I think it is a perfect fit for this room.

I made some simple, colorful watercolors to go on the opposing wall. The wall needed something. I made these to add a little more color and accent the gold.


watercolor office art

I believe the sofa may be my favorite part. My husband and I bought this sofa several years ago at a school auction for a steal.


plaid sofa before

Sofa Before


It was very high quality and in perfect condition. I am sure the original owners also struggled with the unattractive plaid. It would cost a fortune for us to replace this sofa with something of the same quality. I convinced my husband that re-upholstery was the way to go.  I found Kris Ramsingh from Dominion Custom Upholstery; My goodness, what a find he was! He is amazingly talented and takes a lot of pride in his work. I was beyond thrilled when he brought this sofa back.


plaid sofa after

Sofa After


Waverly® fabric is one of my favorite brands. I have used their fabrics for the majority of my projects. They offer a wide variety of colors/styles and you can guarantee quality with them. If you have followed this blog at all, you already know that I am a huge fan of Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store. I went to Jo-Ann’s for my fabric and chose this white, clean, gorgeous print from Waverly.



Upholstery Fabric-Waverly Full Circle/Sail from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store




Upholstery Fabric-Waverly Full Circle/Sail from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store


office clutter before

Cluttered corner before.


full room office after

The furniture was rearranged to expose the windows and open up the corner. Much better…


My Dad and I installed the french doors earlier this year. They were much needed to block out noisy kids and get some work done!


French doors and paint

The curtains I purchased for this transformation did not work. My client (husband) gave them two thumbs down. I am still on the hunt for some, but for now,  I sure do like these pretty rods!


office clutter after

Believe it or not, we are both very happy with this project. He acknowledged that I was right all along and I acknowledged that his rug choice was better than mine. I love walking in to our home and seeing this room. I think it is very lovely and am proud of this space now. My husband said it does indeed feel “calm and clean.”  A winning compromise.

Thank you to Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store and Waverly fabrics for your support on this project.









This “Refresh Your Space” series was featured on NBC, WSLS 10 “Daytime Blue Ridge.” Check out the videos here.


American wife to this Indian life. I am a right-brained, American woman married to a left-brained Indian man. I love art, design, up-cycling and multiple DIY projects at the same time. He loves simplicity and order. Follow us on this cultural collision as I combine our personalities and cultural differences through art, design, food, and raising kids. When I am not working on a craft or project, I co-host a lifestyle/entertainment show called "Daytime Blue Ridge," on our local NBC affiliate, WSLS 10.

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