Prom Etiquette and Safety

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Prom is a night you will always remember. You want to make good memories and safe decisions.  Today on Daytime Blue Ridge’s “Living with Lindee,” we discussed prom.  We focused on fashion,  etiquette, ways to respect yourself, respect your date and how to have a safe, memorable night.



Nancy Hans, the director of Prevention Council of Roanoke Valley, gave me some great tips. Do not include alcohol in your plans at all. You, your date, your parents, have invested a great deal in making this night special. You want to be clear headed so you can make good decisions throughout the evening regarding your behavior, social media postings, respecting your date and yourself.

Plan Your Night

Have a safety plan for the evening. If your group or even your date is making poor decisions, know what you will do or who you will call in dangerous situations.




What will you do after prom? An organized  After Prom is a great idea. This idea started in the 1980’s to help reduce prom related accidents. After Prom events are typically full of  fun, activities, food and alcohol free beverages to insure a fun night. Parents usually help supervise.


Research  indicates that as many as 70 percent of high school juniors and seniors expect that their peers will drink on prom night. Peer pressure and the idea of prom as a momentous occasion all contribute to underage alcohol consumption. Don’t participate. This is a fun memorable event that helps you transition into making smart adult decisions.  Teen drivers are not as experienced on the road and adding alcohol can be fatal.



DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE!!! EVER! Save the message is until you can pull over. 23% of all accidents involve a cell phone.



Know your route before you leave. Plan ahead so you won’t be stressed or looking at a GPS the night of prom. Be courteous of other drives. Obey the speed limit…don’t drive too fast or too slow. Don’t tailgate. Be courteous of your passenger when choosing music and temperature. Guys, open the doors for your date. Even if she’s driving.


If dinner is not  included in your prom’s venue,  then you’ll want to go to dinner before the dance. Price, location and atmosphere are all important considerations. Be sure to choose a restaurant that everyone in your group will enjoy and one within your budget. Don’t be indecisive. Have a plan and possibly offer two choices.

Manners NEVER go out of style.  When in doubt, stay classy.

The guys should always have his date order her meal first, then order when she is finished.

Basically, in the USA, the best rule to help you remember what utensil is used when, is to work from the outside in. For example the outside fork is the salad fork. The salad is served first. Use the outside fork first



Chart found on



Tipping 15-20% Standard in the USA

For our show segment, we used Hidden Valley Country Club. They host prom for local schools and offer great dinner service anytime. Not a member? Not a problem. Anyone can enjoy their fine dining. The teens enjoyed a fabulous meal prepared by Executive Chef-Michael Mays.



Hidden Valley Country Club








Executive Chef-Michael Mays. Students from L-R; Ben Casebolt, Nicole Maghroubi, Nick Bondurat, Katie Fortner


Here is their contact information:
Hidden Valley Country Club
2500 Romar Road
Salem, VA 24153
(540) 389-8146

Each person pays for his or her own clothing–dress and accessories for girls and tuxedo and shoes for boys. Each person also should purchase flowers for his or her date (if going with a date) and present them before the dance. Tickets, transportation, dinner and any other expenses may be shared. Be sure to discuss this with your date or group well in advance to avoid confusion or embarrassment when it’s time to pay. For the record, I think it is definitely still appropriate for the young mant to pay for his date.


Girls will wear a corsage, either pinned to the dress or worn on the wrist, and boys wear a boutonnière pinned to the lapel. Ask your date what colors he or she is wearing, so the florist can help you choose coordinating flowers.

If you are looking for something extra special, unique and within your budget, I recommend Flowers and Things.



What girl would not be thrilled to receive this? So beautiful!















They add that extra special touch and can create anything you can imagine. Not sure what to create? Tell them your colors and they will design it for you. That is their specialty.



Flowers and Things. They add so many extra details to help make your event feel special.


Here is where to find them-

Flowers and Things
3675 Orange Ave NE,Roanoke, VA 24012
(540) 977-2658


If you have a date, be sure to introduce them to your friends and try to include them in the conversation. You should avoid leaving your date alone. If you must leave momentarily to visit the restroom, politely excuse yourself and return as soon as possible. If someone asks you to dance, check your date before accepting. It’s fine to dance in a group as long as your date is included. If you’re not attending with a date, be sure to consider others’ dates before joining a conversation or asking them to dance. Again, stay classy. Don’t dance in any way that will embarrass your date, yourself or most importantly your parents!


The highlight of the event. Girls will wear a formal evening dress and the boys will rent tuxedos.  Again, another step in venturing into adulthood.

Girls, choose a dress that is flattering and comfortable. You do not want to be adjusting your gown all night or feeling like you can’t relax because you are so worried about the dress.  If you are not sure where to start, ask for help. We used Patina’s Bridal and Formals today for both our young ladies dresses and for our young men’s tuxedos. They have a variety of beautiful dresses and their showroom is large, comfortable and very relaxing.




I was very impressed with the different styles, colors, and prices they offered. Their staff was helpful and very skilled in finding a dress that was perfect for both of our models. It not only suited their bodies, but also their personalities.  They also have a great selection of tuxedos. You can add a vest to match your date or go with the classic black. They even offer a card system to help you coordinate with your date. When the girl chooses her dress, she can leave this card on file for her date to use when he chooses his tux. That way, you will be sure to coordinate. What a great idea!



Card System


Here is where to find them-

Patina Bridal and Formals-
Keagy Rd. #F202
Roanoke, VA 24018
Phone: (540) 776-1636
Fax: (540) 776-2946

Makeup and hair can be tricky too. You want to look your best, but for most of us, evening makeup and special up-do’s are not our strength. Find a nice salon that can take care of these things for you! It is often helpful to bring in pictures of makeup styles and hair that you like. I found Indulgence Salon and Spa here in Roanoke.





Looking good thanks to Indulgence Salon and Spa.


What a find! I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into this full service salon. It was clean, bright, busy and very up to date with the current trends. The girls I brought on the show today raved about them. They LOVED their makeup, nails and hair.



Manicure by Indulgence Salon and Spa



I asked how the service was and they both said that the staff went above and beyond to make them feel comfortable and pampered. They will definitely be back….I think I will be making a visit soon too! Here is their information.

Indulgence Salon & Spa
Orange Ave./460 East
2205 Orange Avenue, NE
Roanoke, Virginia 24012
(540) 344-2300

I hope you find these tips and resources helpful. Have a great prom and stay safe!



Enjoy your evening, be safe and have a plan!


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