DIY Lego Storage Bench For Under $100

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My son loves to create Lego masterpieces  and that makes me happy. He also loves to display his masterpieces and I don’t blame him! We just don’t have the display space. Lego creations decorate every corner of this room.  I looked online for cabinets, shelves, bins, etc. I could not find what I wanted, so I made it…. and it was simple.

Here are my plans. Of course, you can adjust these to fit your space. The only change I had to make to this original sketch, was to add two more casters in the middle for additional support.




I purchased all of my supplies at Lowe’s Home Improvement Store.  Do not be intimidated about doing projects that require lumber to be cut.   I purchased one large piece of maple wood for $49.97 and a Lowe’s employee cut that piece into the exact measurements for my plan.

1. Two long pieces of wood 82×16. (Use strong, good quality wood.)



2. Four 16×16 wood squares (also maple.)


3. Wood screws (8.5×1.5) to screw squares into the long pieces of wood for $5.58


4. Six casters  for $11.91 and short wood screws for $5.58

5. Paint

*you will need sandpaper, wood putty, hammer and drill to complete this project. 

I drew a line every 23 inches to space out my squares.



I screwed the two end pieces into the base board first and then flipped it over and set the board on top of the base board. I set the square under the line I drew and then screwed each square.




I flipped it again and screwed the bottom pieces to my vertical squares.











I then added the casters. I chose the copper ones that came in a bag of two.   I put casters on all four corners of the bench and then added a set in the middle for additional support.




My helper and I filled in the screws with wood putty.




I then sanded down the rough areas.


Finally, I painted my project. I hate to give negative reviews for a product, but I do I share a lot of painting projects on this blog. It is important to be accurate, honest and offer reliable advice. I initially used the Valspar Furniture Paint  in the color Cut Ruby.







I paid $24.98 for this paint and it was a disaster. It did not cover well and left my project feeling gritty and unfinished. This was the first time I have ever returned paint to the store. Lowe’s was understanding enough to actually take it back and return my $24.98.

I sanded it down again, wiped it clean. I purchased Super Spec Low Lustre by Benjamin Moore  for $23.99. (This paint was sold at a local hardware store. Not at Lowe’s Home Improvement.)




I painted the project one more time, and the results were COMPLETELY different. The paint was thick, smooth and created a nice finished look.



The project is done and I created exactly what I wanted for $97.03.

I did go to Target and found baskets for storage. The baskets were $16 each on sale. So adding these was an additional $64.00, making my grand total $161.03.





My shelf/bench is 82 inches long, 16 inches deep, maple wood, with brushed copper casters. Even after adding the baskets for an additional $64.00, I challenge you to find something comparable for that price. Even better?- this project was done in in just a few hours. (Minus paint dry time.)

My five year old client was more than satisfied. He cleaned up his Legos and placed them in the storage baskets then proudly displayed his favorite creations.


DSC_0778             DSC_0767





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