Decorative Chalkboards

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I know….another chalkboard. Sorry, but they are so easy to create, so cute and can be so practical! I often have scrap wood left over from other projects.  I had a couple pieces of blondewood ply wood that I used for these two chalkboards.  Here is how I made them.

1) Cut the wood pieces down to the size you want.

2) Add a shape or curve using a jigsaw. (of course, you can just leave it square if you prefer.)



I made a template with craft paper. I folded it in half to find the center. Then made my curve/design and unfolded it so it was even on both sides.  I think that is the simplest way. Sand away any rough edges.






3) Drill two holes in the top. This is where you will pull your cord through after you are done.  You can use the cored to hang the back and add bow to the front.




4) Paint or stain you base color. I used spray paint for the turquoise and the MINWAX  wood finishing clothes for the stained board.




5) Use Frogtape to tape off where the board will go. Very important to make sure you are even on all sides.




6) Use chalkboard paint to create your board. Paint one coat. let it dry, then paint second coat.





7) Add your ribbon or cord.





Simple, practical and cute!


You can find the chalkboard paint and other craft supplies at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores.


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