Christmas Jingle Art

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Recently, I was invited to a “Pinterest” party. We were told to bring a dish (with Pinterest recipe) and a craft we would re-create from Pinterest.  I have just starting using Pinterest in the past few months. It is a fun site, a great place to organize ideas and find inspiration for new ones. I am always swirling with ideas and have a long list of “plans.” I was really looking forward to sitting down with some creative friends, eating snacks, talking and creating something fun for the holidays. I brought my own idea to work on that evening.

My friend, Carissa, created the perfect crafting environment. She had long tables, lots of extension cords, craft supplies, and a separate table for food and drinks. I had my own working space set aside for me. I put down all of my supplies and set up for crafting.  I then went to the snack table.

Out of the 4-5 hours set aside for this event, I spent maybe 20 minutes on my plan. I have officially labeled myself “does not craft well with others.” I visited the snacks often, talked even more often, browsed the other crafts, adjusted the music station, laughed hysterically and crafted a little. I was unable to focus. I believe I spend too much time alone in my own crazy, craft, lair. The excitement of socializing was too much! I need solitude and focus….. I guess?

So finally, here is my Christmas art project. It really is very simple and I could have made a few of them in the 5 hours allotted to this craft.

Supplies needed:

-16×20 Plywood (Approximately)- I used a blonde wood. It is very uniform and light in color, sanded and smooth. I had this left over from another project. I asked the guy at Lowes Home Improvement store to cut the left over pieces into this  size for me. They will for you too and it is inexpensive.
-Black matte spray paint
-White spray paint
-Jingle Bells (3 bags from the Dollar Store)
-Mini pinecones
-1-2 inch thick ribbon
-Upholstery stapler or thumb tacks
-Acrylic paint and brushes
-Hot glue gun and LOTs of sticks

1-Spray paint the wood with the black spray paint. Make sure to cover well. Set that aside to dry.

2-Next, lightly spray the pine cones with the white spray paint. I just kind of “misted” over them. I wanted them to look kind of frosty, not white.


photo 1(17)photo 2(16)

3-When everything is dry, you can get started on the assembly. Find the center of the top. Use your upholstery stapler to staple your ribbon in the center. I made a big loop and then tied a bow at the top. This is how you will be hanging you artwork, so you won’t it to be strong and secure. A regular stapler won’t work, but you can use  thumb tacks instead.

4-Now you can hot glue the jingle bells. You want them to be close together with no gaps.

5-Take your mini pine cones and start filling in between the jingle bells. You don’t need to  put pinecones between every one. Just where it looks “right.” I did the inside first and then went back in filled in on the outside.

photo 3(11)

Now your frame is done. At first, I planned to do my artwork first and then do the frame afterwards. Because I started this at the party, I did the frame first. I thought it was easier to do with everyone instead of focusing on the art. I am glad I did! I sketched a tree first and after I did the frame, my free would have been off center. The pinecones and jingle bells changed the “center” of my tree.

6-Pre-sketch your idea and the font lightly with pencil.

7-Go back and paint your design in white. You must paint everything in white first, then go back over with the colors for the tree, etc. . If you don’t create the white base, the colors wont show up on the black.


photo 4(11)

8-Let it dry and you are finished! Hang your project proudly.

Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions or ideas.
Merry Christmas!



American wife to this Indian life. I am a right-brained, American woman married to a left-brained Indian man. I love art, design, up-cycling and multiple DIY projects at the same time. He loves simplicity and order. Follow us on this cultural collision as I combine our personalities and cultural differences through art, design, food, and raising kids. When I am not working on a craft or project, I co-host a lifestyle/entertainment show called "Daytime Blue Ridge," on our local NBC affiliate, WSLS 10.


  1. Carissa Stelter

    December 4, 2013 at 9:57 pm

    You rock! Did you free hand those letters? I don’t know if I trust myself to paint an object.

    • Lindee Katdare

      December 7, 2013 at 8:53 pm

      Considering this is wood, I have often found a font I like online and printed it out on paper. You can then lay the paper on the wood and press with a pen or pencil to create a slight indention on the wood. Go back with a pencil to trace the indention and paint. I agree, if the font is messy it makes everything look bad!

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